Call for Proposals: ISA World Forum of Sociology in Porto Alegre, Brazil

The next International Sociological Association (ISA) World Forum of Sociology will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in July 14-18, 2020. Porto Alegre — with its history of the World Social Forum and as a major hub for global justice movements around the world — is a particularly important place for social movement scholars.

Social movements as key agents for change, struggling against inequality and discrimination, and constructing alternative visions of the future will not only be discussed within sessions organized by two ISA research committees committed to social movement research (RC47 and RC48), but are directly linked to the main theme of the Fourth ISA Forum of Sociology Challenges of the 21st Century: democracy, environment, inequalities, intersectionality. The call for session proposals is open until March 15 2019. Please see the two research committee calls for proposals, below: