Early March announcements

Hello Fellow CBSM Section Members!

Here are some announcements for early March.

1. New Issue of Mobilization, Please Subscribe—Hank Johnston.
2. New Blog: Participation and Its Discontents—Pablo Lapegna.

All the best,

1. New Issue of Mobilization, Please Subscribe—Hank Johnston.

Dear CBSM member:

The March issue of Mobilization will be published soon. This message is to notify you of its content and, if you have not subscribed already, to remind you that you need to do it sooner than later to get on the mailing list. You may subscribe easily by returning the attached form to Hank.Johnston.sdsu.edu, or order online at http://Mobilization.MetaPress.com

This is an excellent issue. I highly recommend it.

Mobilization: An International Quarterly

Volume 19(1)  March 2014

The Tea Party and Republican Precommitment to Radical Conservatism in the 2011 Debt-Limit Crisis” – Ion Bogdan Vasi, David Strang, and Arnout van de Rijt

The Emergence, Development, and Future of the Framing Perspective: 25+ Years since “Frame Alignment” – David Snow, Robert Benford, Holly McCammon, Lyndi Hewitt, and Scott Fitzgerald

“We Knew Our Time Had Come”: The Dynamics of Threat and Microsocial Ties in Three Polish Ghettos under Nazi Oppression” – Michaela Soyer

Allies Forging Collective Identity: Embodiment and Emotions in “Migrant Trail” Protests – Chandra Russo

A Strategic-Interaction Analysis of an Urgent Appeal System and its Outcomes for Garment Workers – Frank den Hond, Sjoerd Stolwijk, and Jeroen Merk

Book Review Section – Edited by Deana Rohlinger

Best Regards, Hank

2. New Blog: Participation and Its Discontents—Pablo Lapegna.

“Participation and its Discontents”

Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Pablo Lapegna, Phil Lewin and David Smilde are organizing a special session of the Political Sociology Section for ASA 2014 called “Participation and its Discontents.” The primary goal is to have an open discussion of promises and pitfalls of political participation.

A secondary goal is to try to innovate on the standard ASA session. One way we are doing that is by getting the discussion going now. To do so, we launched a blog called Participation and its Discontents (http://participationanditsdiscontents.tumblr.com/ )

So far we have posted an opening agenda, minutes from a meeting we had during ASA in NY last year, and a post discussing the term “cooptation.”

Any and all faculty and graduate students who are interested (you don’t need to be a member of the section) are invited to participate with a comment, or with a post, or by simply lurking and following the discussion. You can follow the blog by email, RSS, Twitter or Tumblr.