Interface: a journal for and about social movements

Volume eleven, issue one of Interface, a peer-reviewed online journal produced and refereed by social movement practitioners and engaged movement researchers, is now out. Interface is open-access (free), global and multilingual. The overall aim is to “learn from each other’s struggles”: to develop a dialogue between practitioners and researchers, but also between different social movements, intellectual traditions and national or regional contexts.

Like all issues of Interface, this issue is free and open-access. You can download articles individually or a complete PDF of the issue (4.29 MB). This issue of Interface includes 259 pages and 14 pieces.

Items in this issue include:

  • Laurence Cox, Remembering Colin Barker (personal note, pp. 4 – 13)
  • Majken Jul Sørensen, Dynamics of interaction: how Israeli authorities succeeded in disrupting and containing the 2011 Freedom Flotilla to Gaza (peer-reviewed article, pp. 14 – 36)
  • Ricardo Kaufer, Transnational solidarity: the Kurdish movement and German radical leftists and anarchists (peer-reviewed article, pp. 37 – 61)
  • Emma Craddock, What is the point of anti-austerity activism? Exploring the motivating and sustaining emotional forces of political participation (peer-reviewed article, pp. 62 – 88)
  • Luis Rubén Díaz Cepeda and Ernesto Castañeda, Activists’ motivations and typologies: core activists in Ciudad Juárez (peer-reviewed article, pp. 89 – 122)
  • Martin Pötz, Utopian imagination in activism: making the case for social dreaming in change from the grassroots (article, pp. 123 – 146)
  • Jared Sacks, Rethinking surplus-value: recentring struggle at the sphere of reproduction (peer-reviewed article, pp. 147 – 177)
  • Miguel A. Martínez, The autonomy of struggles and the self-management of squats: legacies of intertwined movements (peer-reviewed article, pp. 178 – 199)
  • Chris Hardnack, Gramsci and Goffman, together at last: towards a counter-hegemonic framing approach to movement research (peer-reviewed article, pp. 200 – 215)

Reviews [single PDF] (pp. 216 – 255)

  • Todd Miller, 2017, Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security. Review author: Beth Geglia.
  • Review essay: Posthumanities, Environmental Activism, and Anthropocentric Terminology. Nicole Seymour. 2018. Bad Environmentalism: Irony and Irreverence in the Ecological Age; David Farrier. 2019. Anthropocene Poetics: Deep Time, Sacrifice Zones, and Extinction. Review essay author: Andrew Kettler.
  • Jaume Franquesa. 2018. Power Struggles: Dignity, Value, and The Renewable Energy Frontier in Spain. Review author: Alexander Dunlap.
  • John Agbonifo, 2019, Environment and Conflict: The Place and Logic of Collective Action in the Niger Delta. Review author: Samuel Udogbo.
  • Review Essay: Neoliberalism, Labour governments, and working-class  power-resources: a tale of the tape. Jason Schulman. 2015. Neoliberal Labour Governments and the Union Response: The Politics of the End of Labourism. Review essay author: Brett Heino.

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