Chair’s Message

Tina Fetner, McMaster University

How are we supposed to teach our courses, complete our studies and write up our findings when so much collective action and social change is going on all around us? Impeachment hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives. Climate strikes mobilizing hundreds of thousands of demonstrators around the world. White nationalists and other right-wing extremists gathering strength in online forums. As scholars of collective behavior and social movements, we may have trouble catching our breath at times, but at least we will never be bored.

The CBSM section is here to support the work you do. We host a variety of panel sessions and roundtables to foster discussion of your research. We host an annual reception to give you opportunities to have conversations with others working in your field. We have a mentoring program to connect students with established scholars. Everything we do is in the service of our members.

Your work is important, and it is relevant to current events. Please send us a note when you are quoted in a news story, or you have published a public-facing piece of writing, and we will share these with our members. Our hope is to get our social media strategy off the ground soon, and when we do, I hope that you follow us to learn about all the good work your colleagues are doing.