Call For Submissions: CBSM at ASA 2021

The American Sociological Association submission portal will open on Nov. 9, 2020:

Collective Behavior and Social Movements Refereed Roundtables

  • Organizer: Preethi Krishnan, Western Carolina University

Intersectionality and Social Movements

  • Organizer: Fernando Tormos-Aponte, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Male Supremacism and Right-Wing Movements

  • Organizer: Emily Carian, California State University-San Bernardino

Pandemic-Inspired Social Movements

  • Organizers: Phil Brown, Northeastern University and Anjuli Fahlberg, Tufts University

Race, Ethics, and Protest Research

  • Organizers: Laura Heideman, Northern Illinois University and Andrea Boyles, Tulane University