Grassroots, Issue 12

“[We invite you to read] the latest edition of Grassroots, the newsletter of the [International Sociological Association’s] RC48 Research Committee on Social Movements, Collective Action and Social Change by clicking here:

This latest edition of Grassroots includes the dossier ‘Grassroots On Focus: Reflections on COVID-19, Vaccine Nationalism, and Social Movements’. We hope that this dossier can help the intensity of social justice movements’ initiatives to overcome the challenges posed by this new phenomena of vaccine nationalism. It is also our aim that the dossier can inspire social movements researchers, activists, and practitioners to start developing a new agenda and innovative methods of collective action that can address the highly contested topics around Covid-19 and vaccine nationalism. Please also let us know your comments regarding the new newsletter design!

We hope to have delivered the suggestions and feedback that we received from some members during our last virtual meeting at the ISA Forum.

Happy reading! With our kind regards – Camilo and Kaan, Grassroots Editorial Team”