End of September announcements

Hello Fellow CBSM Section Members!

Here are some announcements for the end of the month.  It is my great pleasure to say that the new-and-improved CBSM Web site is now up and running. (http://cbsm-asa.org/)  It is your one-stop shopping for CBSM news, with helpful links, archives of Critical Mass, and chair announcements.  Please check it out.  I want thank Webmaster Alex Hanna for his excellent work!  Thanks, too, to the Publication Committee (Neal Caren, Marc Dixon, and Grace Yukich) and the Editors of Critical Mass (Michelle Smirnova and Melissa Wooten)!

As for Critical Mass, please send your news about recent publications, awards, conferences, fellowship opportunities, calls for papers, and other announcements that you would like to be included in the next issue. Also welcome are suggestions for themes to be discussed in future issues as well as submissions of short essays on topics relevant to the section.  Here are some suggestions for essays on current issues, from the Editors: political events in Syria, potential protests of Russian Olympics, reactions to the threat of a U.S. government shutdown, or the unionization of adjunct faculty (seehttp://chronicle.com/article/Tufts-U-Adjuncts-Vote-to/141937/).  Other ideas for essays, are of course also welcome.   If you are interested in submitting an essay, please email Michelle Smirnova and Melissa Wooten at cbsmnews@gmail.com.   The deadline for submissions for the next issue is November 1.

Also, please note that the submission deadline for abstracts for the ISA meeting is September 30 (tomorrow).  There are many CBSM-related sessions, so please get to it.

Speaking of tight deadlines, please send me your updates and announcements in way that will maximize the benefits to our membership.  These updates go out twice a month, somewhere around the beginning or end of the month and in the middle of the month.

1.  Job at Barnard College—Debra Minkoff.

2. Session on Environmental Social Movements in the 21st Century at the ISA World Congress–Dana Fisher.

3.  Job at the University of Georgia—Dawn T. Robinson.

4.  CFP for Use of Internet, Activism, and Social Movements Datasets—Jennifer Earl.


All the best,


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Mid-September Announcements

Hello Fellow CBSM Section Members!
Here are some announcements for mid-September. They include various employment and scholarly opportunities. My thanks again to Nancy Whittier for an excellent year as chair, for the fine sessions in New York, and for making this transition so smooth!
All the best,

1. Job at Boston College—Sarah Babb.
2. Jobs at Hunter College—Thomas DeGloma.
3. Job at the University of New Mexico—Sharon Nepstad, Wayne Santoro.
4. International Network of Scholar Activists—Jackie Smith.
5. Book Announcement—Patricia Richards.
6. Book Announcement—Walter Nicholls.
7. ISA Panel on Media and Social Movements—Takeshi Wada et al.
8. Social Movement Studies Special Issue: New Global Repertoires (see attachment, with corrections)—John Krinsky.
9. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Sexuality Studies at Northwestern University—Clare Forstie.

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